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The power of social media

So I had to blog about this just to prove a point to a number of clients that I am trying to persuade the benefits of social media.  Our phone currently is provided by TalkTalk, now I am thinking of upgrading to fibre as we need the speed.

So in order to do this I need to move my master socket I needed to arrange for a BT engineer to come out on a chargeable call and move this.  I had a number of issues getting through to TalkTalk but then found there twitter ID – @talktalkcare and within a day of sending tweets back and fourth  the site visit was arranged and completed.

Event @btcare picked up on this are retweeted by message –

So just proving that social media has a number of channels for sales, support and marketing.

If you are a busy and would like some help in using social media and getting the most out of it then contact a member of the team for more details.

Dropbox Apps Removed From App Store

Dropbox Apps Removed From App Store (via redOrbit)

Michael Harper for You don’t get to be one of the best companies in the world by being nice. When Apple announced their App Store subscription feature to iOS developers last year, they gave users the ability to subscribe to magazines and newspapers from within an app. In doing so, Apple…

You don’t get to be one of the best companies in the world by being nice. When Apple announced their App Store subscription feature to iOS developers last year, they gave users the ability to subscribe to magazines and newspapers from within an app. In doing so, Apple also made any company hand over a 30% cut of each subscription made within the app. Apple also said any subscription must be made within the app, meaning a publication couldn’t take users from the app into the Safari web browser to sign up for a subscription behind Apple’s back.

It seems Dropbox forgot about this guideline when releasing their latest SDK, as developers have been having their Dropbox-friendly apps rejected by Apple this week.

A typical rejection from Apple reads this way:

“We have found your app provides access to external mechanisms for purchases or subscriptions to be used in the app, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. Specifically, this app contains a link that takes the user to Dropbox via Safari.”

Boasting more than 50 million users, many people use Dropbox for their cloud-based needs. Dropbox offers an entry level account with 2GB of storage for free with paid subscriptions available offering larger amounts of storage. These apps in question provided a link to Dropbox’s site to sign up for an account. This link would then take users from the initial app intoSafari, thus violating Apple’s In App subscription guidelines. A developer identified as Goran Daemon P. had his iOS app rejected by the App Store for including the external Dropbox support. He wrote on Dropbox’s forums, “Once the user is in Safari, it is possible for the user to click ‘Desktop version’ and navigate to a place on Dropbox’s site where it is possible to purchase additional space,” he wrote. “Apple views this as ‘sending user to an additional purchase’ which is against rules.”

Dropbox tried removing the link to their desktop version from the SDK in attempts to appease the App Store approval process, but to no avail. Dropbox has now posted an older version of their SDK on their site as a temporary work-around. Dropbox has now said they are working with Apple to find a solution to this problem. In a statement to AppleInsider, a spokesperson for Dropbox said, “We’re working with Apple to come up with a solution that still provides an elegant user experience.”

Dropbox is a popular cloud-based service which syncs a folder on a user’s desktop with a folder in the cloud, allowing devices such as iPhone and iPad to have access to these files anywhere. When Apple first opened up the App Store, many began using Dropbox as a way to get around the iPhone’s lack of a file system.

Apple and Dropbox have had minor run-ins before. In 2009, Steve Jobs reportedly offered Dropbox founder Drew Houston a nine-figure sum to buy the startup. After Houston and his partner declined, he warned them Apple would be introducing their own cloud option. iCloud was released last June, and while it doesn’t work exactly like Dropbox, it does provide seamless syncing across multiple Apple devices.

Source: Michael Harper for

Source: redOrbit (

CloudShare who? Blog Series Part 2 – Configure your environments

I have had this post in my drafts for some time and I have been trying to get round publishing this for some time.  I cannot go on about how good Cloudshare is and what a fantastic service and model they offer.  In a nutshell they provide a cloud based service that individuals (Pro plus account) or enterprises can subscribe to provide a pooled hardware resource count, from here you can then add prebuilt and configured services or environments ranging from Linux, to Windows, to SharePoint 2010 and Exchange 2010 – this includes full licenses.

For a complete listing of all the machines they offer see here – All these machines can be intergrated into your own network through the use of VPN’s etc and are spun up within a matter of minutes (sometimes sec’s).

Once you have signed up for a 14 day trial account then create an environment, edit that environment and select the machines that you want to be provisioned within that environment:

This will take some time for the machines to be built, from here you will be able to view the username and passwords for the machines within that domain, connect through an RDP client to the “public address” – BTW this will change every time you suspend and spin up your environment.  Also note to get these details you need to view your environment and then select more details on the server / machine in question for example please look at the below screenshot:

Cloudshare external address

Now to be frank that is it, hence the beauty of this service, my only concern for me (being a hardware monkey) is the RAM, CPU and Storage I require.


Thanks and go ans sign up for 14 days – what do you have to loose…!


Cloudshare – Showcase Environments – Did you know?

So after a few weeks away from my Cloudshare I decided to clean up my environment and look at building the whole environment into a single domain.  Going through the lovely simple and slick interface I notice this:

More cloudshare servers

Check this - was I going blind

So having a quick browse through this I noticed this fantastic environment that I needed to share with you.  Now remember in Cloudshares terminology an environment is a segregated set of virtual machines.  If like me you are on a single Pro account then you would need to purchase additional environments but it would appear that Cloudshare built this environment for you to test – it expires after 1 day so I assume this is more of demo lab.  But considering we are keen to start looking at CRM I thought I would take a look:

So if you don’t have a Cloudshare account – then why not?  Instant development environment for a small yearly subscription.  If you have an account then get over and check out the Showcase environments.