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Weekend Work: Timber Garden Planter Trough

In the latest series of my weekend posts.  This time we look at making a garden planter or vegetable trough.

A friend asked me to make them one for the garden, when doing my research it turns out these are fairly expensive.  I looked around for some designs and inspirations and decided to form an “X” shape planter.  I made this planter from swan treated timber I purchased from Wickes (see below).

The bottom of the legs I cut with an angle of 30 degrees (but this should have been 45 degrees) and was fairly simple to build and assemble.

Bear in mind I am not a carpenter or a skilled DIY’er I am just learning as I go along.  These type of planters within the UK can cost upwards of £150+ and in total the project cost for the material came in around £90.

As normal the timber was purchased from Wickes and I lined the planter with some left over weed matting with a number of drainage holes made at the bottom.


Here are a few pictures from the build

Working of small rough plans one problem I could not work out was the correct angle of the legs.  I used a framing square attached to each leg to gain the correct angle.

But if I needed to make one in future I think I would lay them out on a work bench and build a jig to position them:

Garden planter supports

DIY Garden Planter

I decided to have three supports on the side braced with a number of battens towards the bottom.

Side supports for garden planter

Installing the sides was a straight forward process ensuring to leave a slight gap between the sides.

End caps for the garden planter

For each end I used the same timber as the sides (19mm x 100mm timber) angled at 45.  In the picture above I had to make a small fix to one of the legs to stop the planter from wobbling.

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