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Mimecast release Mimecast Services for Outlook MSO v4 beta

As you know I am working on a blog series to document an implementation of the top class unified cloud messaging services, part 1 is here.  Looking over a training session today I discovered the next release of MSO (Mimecast Services for Outlook) this is the client side agent that seamlessly intergrates into Outlook to provide and extend the functionality of the service.

Over 10 months ago I posted a feature here to request a feature where the end users can select to encrypt the email message.  WELL what can I say but THANK YOU and as always Mimecast exceed this by adding 5 options:-

mimecast secure

  • Default Route – This is the default value, and results in emails being delivered as configured in the Administration Console
  • Best Route – Uses TLS encryption (if available), otherwise will deliver the message via Closed Circuit Messaging (CCM).
  • Encryption Not Required – Will attempt to deliver using TLS, but is not available will deliver the message via clear-text SMTP
  • Encrypt Connection – Enforces TLS encryption from the Mimecast servers to all recipient servers. If a given recipient server cannot perform TLS, then the message is not delivered, and the sender is notified.
  • Closed-Circuit Message – The email is held on the Mimecast platform, and a notification message is sent to external recipients informing them an email is available in the Mimecast portal. Recipients are then required to log into the Mimecast portal to read their messages. This prevents any sensitive emails from traversing the Internet.

To cover my other favourites are:

  • Stationary picker.
  • Document conversion.

Now to check out the additional excellent functionality please see the Mimecast Knowledge Base:-

Well done Mimecast.