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Hyper-V Management with Windows 7

OK, so as I start to upgrade / rebuild all my laptops and desktops to Windows 7 (good job Microsoft I love this O/S – I can not actually remember the day when I said that, arr Windows 2000 / XP). So when it comes to installing all those apps that forgot you needed, or could not find the media I keep saying to myself that I will create a database of all the issues or support fixes I come across – well you know how it goes.

So I have 2 x Hyper-V servers, 1 running Hyper-V server (i.e. free download, core type of setup) and 1 running Windows 2008 with the Hyper-V role. All managed through the nice, easy to use interface that is Hyper-V Manager. But of course I keep getting the good old permissions errors and can never remember how to fix the issue, so lets blog it:

So thanks to John Howard over @ Microsoft who wrote the HVRemote to script the whole process, further detals can be found here –