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The future of Insurance, Technology and the Workplace in 2020

  A few weeks I have had the pleasure of not only meeting some fellow industry (Insurance and Financial Services) colleagues but attended two round table discussions on "Future proofing: Building a 21st Century Insurer" and "Workplace … [Continue reading]

The importance of down time or relaxing

So where I have been and why no posts (again), currently my time is very limited due to the IT transformation at my current position (2.5 years IT Strategy nearing compilation).  You can only image the workload and stress with a small team changing … [Continue reading]

Skype for Business

So, a new version of Lync client and server, a new version of Skype all mashed and integrated post the Skype acquisition of 2011.  This is a great move from Microsoft to bring their technologies together and I would assume in 2015 that the consumer … [Continue reading]

Microsoft’s top priorities for 2014

Recently I have been researching some of Microsoft's trends and some of Satya Nadella's strategy and came over this article a few months old from cnet (for the full article click here) which explains where the company's focus is and the reason for … [Continue reading]

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 VS Surface Pro 3 Hands On Review

So the other night I started to configure and setup my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (i7,512SSD, 8GB) while working on my Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and thought it would be wise to give my opinion 3 days into running with the new 3.  For the people that do … [Continue reading]

Where is storage 3.0 going and some thoughts

I wanted to share a number of thoughts with you all of which came out of an interesting evening session I attended looking at Storage 3.0 and how today's startups see their technology and infrastructure, which got me thinking.... I have had the … [Continue reading]

IT infrastructure for data protection – post presentation review

Around 6 weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to a Computer Weekly event that CW500 run for exclusive members, the title of this session was "IT Infrastructure for Data Protection" and presented alongside Mark Skilton from Warwick Business … [Continue reading]

Data protection, privacy and the IT department – how to manage the proliferation of data in your organisation

I have been luckily invited to attend one of the Computer Weekly CW500 clubs tonight to speak on data protection, privacy of that data and how it can impact the IT department.  We are all aware of where data is within our companies and organisations … [Continue reading]