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My Windows Home Server (WHS) and being nackered

Here is a question for everyone, where is it after a whole weekend of work, playing with the kids and then trying to fit in some computer time do you get nackered. For the people out there that don’t know me, I am always told that I run a mini data centre at home – visio diagram will be posted at some time, but here is a run down of what I have:

1) Dell Poweredge T105 (purchased from the Dell Outlet a little over a year ago, when the outlet was actually selling some decent servers), 8GB and an AMD (something) Quad 2.3Ghz. This baby was kitted out with 4 x 1T drives a SAS 6i RAID card. I installed VMWare ESXi 3.5 running 5 VM’s at present – nice, however issue updating to vSphere – any help???

2) Dell desktop, quad core running Hyper-V R2, as i wanted to try this out.

3) Next just purchased a HP ML115 G5, was going to run ESXi again until I have found it the onboard RAID card does not work with VMWare – come on guys sort it out. So Win2k8 Ent with Hyper-V.

Next steps…

wow this list is long –

a) MOSS 2007 with SQL 2008.

b) Exchange 2010.

c) ISA 2006 but think I will change to TMG 2010 now….

d) Openfiler or FreeNas – any ideas.

Now here is the funny thing, my Windows Home Server (great little product, well done Microsoft on this but sort out the ISCSI target…) is on VMWare are running out of space, so I need to move this over to the hyper-v server with more disks – how, when – 2TB of data just took 36hrs to copy on 1Gbps network thanks to VMWare throttling back on the console…..

Now for the VMDK conversion – fingers crossed people…………………

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