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New Microsoft Cloud Trust Center for Office 365

Microsoft’s TecEd conference in North America today released a number of new features for the Office 365 platform including a revamp of their Trust Center site.  For those who do not know about the Trust Center this is a complete site that details the security, efforts and certifications Microsoft have achieved in order to make Office 365 secure and compliant.

The new Office 365 Trust Center –

 Details of their blog post can be found here but below is a small summary of the key points:

  1. Encrypted Storage – Starting from July an upgrade from single encryption keys per disk to a unique encryption key per file.  This means for SharePoint online or OneDrive for business users each file has a separate encryption key, increasing the encryption.
  2. MDM for Office Apps on mobiles – this would appear to allow IT departments to give the ability of creating, viewing and sharing policies between managed applications.  I think this is in conjunction with Windows Intune and the Enterprise Mobility suite – further details can be found here.
  3. Extending DLP – bringing similar technology from the DLP (Data Loss / Leak Prevention) in email scanning into SharePoint and OneDrive for business documentation.  This will be rolled out in June to Office 365 E3 customers allowing them to prevent sharing based on document classifications and queried through the E-Discovery Suite.


Highlights of the Office365 Trust Center:

An interesting stat I have found which shows the current global uptime of Office365 is Quarterly worldwide uptime: 99.96%  and the last 4 quarters have been 99.98%, 99.97%, 99.94% and 99.97% – can you as an IT function offer this?? Check the availability here.

  • Privacy – Consumer and Business infrastructure is separate, it is your data,
  • Encryption – Data is encrypted at rest and in transit over the network.
  • Microsoft is a data process of your data.
  • Who in Microsoft has access to your data see here.
  • Regionalised data centres keeps data with the region but they can move this to a different region so beware.
  • Law enforcement requests – see here for details.  See below for the UK:


Additional resources:


From cloud to consumer – Office 365 home premium

Image from

Image from


And so Microsoft has done it, not only updating its Office 365 platform to the latest backend (Exchange 2012,  Office 2013 etc..) and have now released a home premium .  A subscription based service, monthly or yearly and includes a whopping great deal (below) and licensed up to 5 devices:

  • A subscription based service for up to 5 devices to use Office 2013 (PC or Mac).
  • The suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access – to me that is the same as Office 2013 Professional – yes I said professional.
  • 20GB of SkyDrive storage which as you know is fully integrated with the Office 2013 suites.
  • Office On-demand – lets see this as Office Web Apps rebadged.
  • Now get this – 60mins of Skype talk each month to 40+ countries – so no more Lync as we can see where Microsoft is going with this merging the 2 products or either focusing Lync for the Enterprises and Skype for the home / SMB.

To give you an idea of the pricing and compare to the other versions of Office 2013, although home premium is a yearly cost I would asume the benefits of this would be free upgrades when Office 2015 / 2016 comes out.  To be this makes are great proposition and gives you an idea of where Microsoft is going.  All I would say is be careful you know where your Skydrive data, but check this:

Office 2013 Comparison Pricing

Office 2013 Comparison Pricing

To get a comparison of the full feature set then please see the new Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium here.

Office 365 Home Premium